You don’t need to join a gym, hire a personal trainer, or workout 60-minutes every day to see significant improvement in your body shape and health.

However, you do need to engage in consistent and intentional activities regularly to see and feel results.

Start with ten minutes per day 5-6 days a week and gently build your motivational and physical muscles. Your energy will begin to improve, your feel good hormones will kick in, and you will begin to experience a “positive energy cycle” that will propel you in a positive direction.

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EXERCISE HAS MANY BENEFITS!  You already know that exercise can help you burn fat and build muscles – but there are so   many more reasons to get and stay active, especially as you age.

Here’s just a few:

Improve Brain Health & Mood
Increase Longevity
Slow Down the Aging Process
Stimulate Bone Growth
Increase Energy
Notch Up Your Metabolism


Set realistic expectations – about your exercise routine and the results you desire.
Start where you are at and do what you can.
Decide to engage in at least 10 minutes per day and notch up from there.
Concentrate on lower body big muscle toning first for faster results.
Dumbbells and ankle weights and your own body weight can produce great results.
Don’t neglect your upper body – you can get more toned arms.
Aerobic activity burns calories and fat most effectively, while toning/weight lifting builds muscles.
Squats and lunges can be added throughout an aerobic workout for variation and greater overall results.

Here are a few resources that we like for fitness:


COMING SOON – The 10 Minute Workout Aerobic and Toning Workout you can do anywhere.

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