One of our favorite makeup products is revealed on this Ageless Woman Living Beauty Tip. It’s very inexpensive, lasts a long time, and works!

Most of our audience is 40+ and we appreciate some of the new beauty challenges we face as each decade passes. And while we believe that beauty is indeed much more than “skin deep” – we all get a little extra boost when we look and feel our best.

We hope you enjoy our occasional fashion and beauty posts. We don’t pretend to be experts but are simply passing on that which is working for us – Danna is 64 and Robyn is 50. We invite you to share your tips as well. We’d love to consider featuring them on a future episode.

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Age Rewind Concealer by Maybelline

We like the color, Medium for our skin tones.


Of course, nothing surpasses the value of quality nutrition when it comes to a radiant beauty that has nothing to do with make up or skin treatments. We invite you to discover just how radiant you can look AND feel by participating in our results oriented program. Just click the link below for all the info:



We spend a lot of time teaching women how to eat more healthfully by decreasing empty calories and increasing nutrient dense foods. In a country where food is abundant and it shows in our challenge to try to eat LESS – there are multitudes struggling with hunger and even starvation.

In light of the great need – we’ve partnered with Compassion International and will be featuring one specific needy child with each post. You can email us to find out how to sponsor that specific child  or you can click on this link below to choose one of your own.


FEATURED CHILD: Mei Airin Aritonang

Mei lies with her father, mother, and four siblings. She lives in a small community of about 500 residents. Most of the households earn the equivalent of about $103 per month doing work as day laborers, animal herders, or street vendors. Your sponsorship provide Mei with Bible teaching, health screenings, supplemental food, health education, classes, and much more. It is our prayer that Mei will be sponsored soon. Don’t assume that someone else will do it – sadly that is rarely the case. And if you already sponsor a child – you already know the blessings that come back to you when you give “a cup of water in Jesus’ name” because it is as if you are doing it for Him!