Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements

Ageless Women need to be intentional about supplementation. While there are universal nutritional needs, we all have our own specific needs that can be addressed with supplementation. We share our daily supplement regime below as an example rather than recommendation. Always check with your personal doctor or health practitioner to be sure you are supplementing in a way that will support your specific needs.

We’ve included links to many of our supplements. Some links go to our Ageless Woman Store and many are linked to  Amazon. We do want to disclose that we have an affiliate relationship with Amazon. So, if you click the link and purchase, we receive a small commission. We appreciate when you do this so we can keep doing what we do to encourage and equip ageless women across the globe!


Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. In fact, its anti-inflammatory property is so powerful that it matches the effectiveness of some anti-inflammatory drugs. It’s the most studied herb there is and there are thousands of studies to back up its efficacy. It also boosts levels of the brain hormone BDNF, which increases the growth of new neurons and fights various degenerative processes in the brain.

Here’s an excellent article by Dr. Weil if you’d like to learn more

Kyolic Garlic
Often called “Nature’s Penicillin – garlic is a powerful anti-oxidant that is my “go to” tool whenever anyone in my family even has a hint of a cold or some sort of infection. My favorite brand is Kyolic and this link takes you to the “immunity blend”. I always have this on hand and travel with it. Just pop 6-8 (yep, that many) at the first hint of coming down with something and repeat 4 capsules two to three times a day until you’re feeling better.

Vitamin C 
Vitamin C has been known for its healing properties for many years. But, did you know that it can decrease inflammation associated with arthritis and other maladies as well.

Rheshi Mushroom
Another powerful immune support supplement – this form of mushrooms has been used for thousands of years in many Asian cultures. It is said to not only improve the immune system, but also support sleep, and lessen fatigue. Some people can be allergic to these mushrooms, so proceed cautiously if you have similar food allergies. It is also known to lower blood pressure, so be mindful if your’s is low. It can also thin blood, so consult your physician if you are taking blood thinners or undergoing a medical procedure or surgery.*


Femmenessence Maca products are specifically formulated for the current season of menopause you are in.

  • MacaLife  is designed for women in the throes of peri-menopause
  • MacaPause for women who are post menopausal.

NOTE: The links provided above are to one of our favorite high quality supplies – Natural Partners. Only health coaches and practitioners can buy direct. However, as one of our clients, you can use our Code: ageless to set up your own account and purchase any Natural Partner supplements. You can be assured that the products offered through this supplier are high quality and well respected by most health pros. 

Danna’s Daily Supplements

A potent antioxidant – especially beneficial for cardiac health.  I take this and the supplement below because I have some genetic cardiac risk factors. This is a more pricey supplement – but worth the investment. Heart disease is the primary cause of death/disease in women post-menopause!

Another excellent anti-oxidant I take which improved my cardiac blood profile significantly. My naturopath recommends NAC – a very affordable supplement – for immunity, and to decrease overall inflammation (the underlying cause of most disease).

Coromega Omega-3 Supplement
This is my favorite fish oil product – comes in little squeeze packets – no fishy taste or burping up fish breath – like so many products. The package dose is – 1 per day. I take 2 in the morning and 2 before bed. I believe this high level of fish oil has really helped my skin stay relatively youthful and keeps my hot flashes at bay.

A hormone produced by your body’s adrenal glands. Scientists don’t know everything DHEA does. But they do know that it functions as a precursor to male and female sex hormones, including testosterone and estrogen. Precursors are substances that are converted by the body into a hormone. While many women in peri and post-menopause need to supplement DHEA, it is very important that you do so only after having your hormone levels checked.

Magnesium Oxide
I take this mineral in the “oxide form: specifically for “regularity” as it draws water into the intestines and promotes good bowel habits. I also take it because I frequently get leg cramps at night. It works like a charm. I also always order a capsule rather than tablet as the tablets are very large and hard to swallow. PLEASE NOTE: Magnesium oxide is not the best source of magnesium for heart health. That form should be Magnesium Malate. (See our video post on this subject by searching Magnesium in the search bar).

Robyn’s Daily Supplements

Vitamin D3 + K2 Drops 
Love these,  can add to water, coffee, tea, smoothies, anything.  No taste!  This little bottle last me for over 1 year of taking 5000 IU per day!

Natural Factors Stress-Relax 5-HTP : This supplement improves serotonin levels (the feel good hormone) which will help control cravings as well. Start with 50 mg three times daily about 20 minutes before meals.

Solaray GLA From Black Current Seed Oil
An essential fatty acid, which triggers fat burning instead of fat storage also helps known to help with satiation.

A vital mineral to defend against inflammation and heart disease and maintain a healthy metabolism.  Also beneficial for Thyroid health.

Grass Fed Collagen Hydrolysate   Collagen is the most abundant protein naturally found in humans, unfortunately as we age, we lose it.  Supplementing helps support our skin tone and healthy hair, cartilage and joint support,  assists in detoxifying the body, improves energy and concentration, supports the lymphatic system and is even known to reduce cellulite appearance.

Raw Grass-Fed Whey Protein- 100% Pure Grass Fed whey protein from the milk of jersey cows that graze freely on lush, green pastures year round. These small-farm cows are not only healthier but we believe happier too!  Highest Quality, Cold Processed, NON-GMO, A2 Milk, Soy Free, rBGH/rBST Hormone Free, Gluten Free, Grass Fed, Heavy Metal Free

Glutamine – This supplement has so many benefits,  I use it to help control sugar cravings, it also supports building lean muscle and prevents muscle wasting.  Increases metabolism, supports bowel function, great for healing the gut and many other benefits!

Femmenessence MacaLife  Maca root is known for helping to balance hormones.  There are different strains of Maca for different stages of life as well as some that benefit women and other strains that benefit men.  MacaLife is for those in Peri-Menopause and still cycling.  MacaPause is for those that have already entered Menopause.  Many women notice a decrease in hot flashes, night sweats, and improved emotional well being among other benefits such as energy and more.  

Magnesium formula to help with bowel regulation and detoxification.

Garden Of Life Digestive Enzymes 
Take with each meal to help break down food and assimilate nutrients.

Urban Moonshine Organic Bitters
Take before or after meal to support digestion as well as support appetite control

Matcha Tea – Organic From Japan – Highest potent anti – oxidant tea, boosts metabolism and increases caloric burn, provides mental clarity and calms the mind and body at the same time.

* The content on this page is not to be construed as advice. We are simply sharing the supplements that have helped us in our “ageless” journey. Always consult your personal health care practitioner before adding any new supplements to your regime.