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What do women really want from an event?

Connection – Clarity – Inspiration – Transformation

Women want deep connection through better relationships with the people in our lives and with God. We want clarity as to how to live a more intentional and fulfilled life of purpose. We want inspiration from other women who have experiences that can illuminate our own path. Most of all, we want transformation – to become the woman God has designed us to be.


  • Retreats
  • Conferences
  • Outreach Programs
  • Health & Wellness Seminar and Workshops
  • Customized Virtual Conferences


Nurturing the Total Woman – Body, Soul & Spirit: Women need permission to nurture themselves. When our bodies, souls and spirits are well nourished, we have more capacity to pour out to others with greater joy and vitality. In contrast, when a woman’s body is out of balance, her life tends to be out of balance as well. Our goal for this 2 to 4 hour presentation is to equip each woman with spiritual truth, practical tips, and an effective plan to enhance her overall health and well being. She will leave feeling encouraged and ready to invest the time and energy needed to pursue a life that balances her own self-care (to include her time with God) with all the other commitments she has to her work, family, and community.

A Fresh Start Everyday: Why is it that we often dwell on past failures or worry about the future more than simply resting in this very day and all God has for us in the moment? With a focus and 3 principles for helping women “get over” the past and stop stressing about the future, this message leaves each woman with an easy to remember challenge to cultivate a “Fresh Start” attitude in every life goal or challenge that will help her find greater contentment TODAY!

Extreme Makeover – God’s Edition: This is Danna’s most popular retreat which she has presented to thousands and thousands of women across the country. In her transparent and self-effacing style – she shares biblical principles and personal stories in five key dimensions of a
woman’s life – encouraging them to submit and surrender each area to God’s perfect and sometimes “extreme” makeover as the ultimate and Only “Designer” who knows exactly how to transform us into the image of His Son – when we do our part – Surrender & Submit!

We’d love to hear your vision and heart for you event. and Please send us an email and provide an overview of your event details. We’ll respond and ideally set up a time to chat with you personally. Email:Support@LeanHealthyAgeless.com