Supplements 4 Mature Women

What We Take & Why

What supplements should mature women be taking? Of course, it depends upon your particular needs as you get older. However, there are quite a few that we believe help us stay healthy and “ageless”. We’re frequently asked what supplements we take and in this video we share the full list of supplements we take almost […]

Why Mature Women Need Omega 3 Fish Oil

Nourish Your Brain, Your Body, Your Skin

From birth to death, we all need a daily dose of omega 3 essential fatty acids to fully nourish your brain, body, skin, and more. It is almost impossible to eat enough and not get too much mercury from daily fish intake. Plus, not all Omega 3 supplements are equal. Learn about all the benefits […]

Why Mature Women Often Need DHEA Supplementation

DHEA is a hormone that decreases greatly as we age and also in response to stress or an unhealthy lifestyle. It impacts a multitude of bodily functions to include how we age and our lifespan. As it declines, we are more prone to bone loss, decreased cognitive function, lowered immunity, greater risk for cancer and […]

Why Mature Women Need Vitamin D

The right formulation & level to bump up your immunity - even to breast cancer!

We need this vitamin to help many systems of our body to function at optimal level. Do you know your Vitamin D level? Do you know what it must be paired with for adequate absorption? How does it affect your immunity or ability to fight breast cancer? Find out in this video! Learn More About […]

Why Women Need Zinc

From Hair Loss to Decreased Immunity

Zinc is a key mineral responsible for helping you stay in optimal health. Symptoms of deficiency include hair loss, decrease in brain function, lowered immunity, and more. The benefits are many. Unfortunately, most women don’t get sufficient zinc from food alone, so it is important to be sure we are supporting our body with the […]

5 Natural Ways to Prevent Colds & Flu

We share the 5 Natural Supplements we personally take that can help boost Immunity and lessen the symptoms of colds or flu. Choosing the right product formulation and dosage is very important. We call these our cold & flu prevention toolbox. Save 15% on Our Supplement Toolbox Our Supplement Catalog To order the Homeopathic Influenzium […]

5 Reasons to Take Mighty Magnesium

80% of Women are Deficient in this Essential Mineral

This mineral is one of the most important for us because it is used in every cellular function of the body.  The problem is that 80% of  Ageless Woman are deficient in this nutrient! Our Fave Magnesium for Constipation – Danna & Robyn both take this one daily for regularity! Reasons for deficiency: Diet – Too […]

Natural Solution for High Cholesterol

Danna chose this over statin drugs

TRUE CONFESSION: Despite a very healthy diet and daily exercise, Danna’s total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol are too high! However, she’s opting for a more natural approach we share in this video. Statin drugs are controversial and we like to take a more natural approach. But, we want to be sure we get results […]

Collagen Supplements – Do They Help?

Choosing the right ones for the right purpose is essential

Do Collagen Supplements Truly Improve Skin, Hair & Nails? We  Think So!   Robyn shares what you need to know to choose the right collagen supplement for the right purpose and what to expect if you take it CONSISTENTLY! This is what we are currently taking* Type 1 & 3 Collagen – For Skin, Hair, […]

Exhausted? Stressed? Low Vitality?


As women age and go through peri-menopause and menopause, our adrenal glands are under extra stress as they take over the production of our female hormones. Add poor sleep, life stress, or other physical stresses and you’ve created the perfect storm for adrenal fatigue. In addition to fatigue and a host of other symptoms, adrenal […]