Our Costco Shopping Spree

Healthy Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle

We recently went to Costco and took you shopping with us! We reviewed many products we use all the time and a few new finds we’re excited to try. From our fave oils and sauces to healthy snacks, we cover a lot of ground in this fast paced video. CLICK HERE TO GET OUR FULL […]

Sweet Cravings: Be Gone!

Stop Sugar Cravings Dead In Their Tracks!   This all natural mouth spray takes sweet craving control to a whole new level! We tried this product and it works great for us. Within seconds, we cannot taste anything sweet so there is no motivation to eat it.  Need instant self-control? This may be just the […]

Instant Effect Lifting Serum for Under Eye Wrinkles, Bags

Product Review - This is a Fave!

As we age, the delicate skin under our eyes is especially vulnerable and can easily become saggy and baggy making us look and feel older. I went on a quest to find the best rated under eye serums and one that really does produce a visible change. This one works well for me. I’ve ordered […]