Smoothies and meal replacement shakes are a great way to boost your nutrition and promote weight loss IF you use the right ingredients.

Why buy a product that simply gives you a good protein source, when there are options that give you a great source as well as many other key nutritional benefits.

This podcast explains why we recommend a specific type of whey protein and all the benefits you may miss if you don’t know what to look for in quality protein choices.

We also include a couple of our favorite smoothie recipes that you can download and start adding to your nutrition plan. Get creative. There are so many tasty variations, you will never get bored drinking the same ole boring shake over and over!

6 Great reasons to add smoothies regularly to your diet:

Quality smoothies are satisfying and packed with nutrients
Our recipes are approx. 300 calories and will stick with you for hours
Whey is the BEST protein  to promote muscle growth
Muscles are the “engine” of your body
Increased Muscles = Increased Metabolism
Smoothies are quick and convenient


IsaPro Vanilla Whey Protein

Supplement Facts and Info: (Extremely Low Lactose)

Isagenix Greens

Supplement Facts and Info:

Top 3 Smoothie Recipes:  Top 3 Smoothie Recipes PDF

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