Robyn Thomson

Author & Speaker
Health & Weight Loss Mentor

Having coached thousands toward greater nutritional health and weight loss, I thought I’d discovered a lasting lifestyle to stay lean into middle age and beyond. Wrong! When my weight started to creep up and my appetite went out of control – I realized I needed a much more comprehensive solution as I approached my 50’s. Thankfully, I found it and am now I’m as lean as I was in my 20’s.

Before I found my breakthrough, I was so frustrated because I was doing everything right – eating only healthy foods in moderate amounts – exercising daily – and still watching the scale creep up and up and up! I felt so helpless and hopeless as nothing was working. Where would the weight gain end? I was coaching others to lose weight and it wasn’t working for me! I was desperate to find a solution. And I did.

During that time, I felt depressed, tired and unattractive. I looked for ways to avoid social engagements as I hated the way I looked in my clothes. I was incredibly self-conscious of how my body had changed and didn’t want people I knew before to see me in my current state. I was constantly hungry and frustrated that I was losing the body battle. I prayed for God to give me wisdom to find the answers and went on a research frenzy, asking: Why at age 40+ did my body no longer respond to the basics the way it did in earlier years? I discovered there were several reasons mature women cannot lose weight or regain their former vitality.

By applying what I learned – the weight began to melt off and I’ve stayed consistently lean for the past five years. It is so freeing to discover a way to look and feel my best. And, it’s so much fun to wear cute clothes and feel good about my body. Interestingly, I think less about how I look now that I am leaner and realize how much easier it is to live out my purpose when I’m in a good place physically.

I want to shout from the roof tops so all mature women know that they don’t need to settle for fat and frumpy. You can be lean and fit. You can experience your best years ever!


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