How many days per week do you exercise?  The older you get – the more you need daily exercise! Many women think this means spending at least 30-60 minutes for it to provide any value. Not true!

You can build a new fitness habit and start getting some results by committing to just ten minutes per day of intentional exercise. This episode of Ageless Woman Living – features our 10-Minute Busy Woman Workout which is a great place to start.

Overtime, add 5-10 minutes to your daily routine. Once a habit is established, you can begin notching up your fitness, burning more calories and adding more variety. The important thing is to get started and become consistent!

Watch the video to see how to do each exercise, then use this description below to remind you how to do the workout.

The 10-Minute Busy Woman Workout

  • Do each exercise for 30-45 seconds at the highest intensity you can safely manage.
  • Go through all three  and then rest for 30 seconds – ideally walking in place very slowly rather than standing still.
  • Do 3 Sets of Danna’s Exercises first
  • Do 3 Sets of Robyn’s Exercises next

Exercises are named below to help remind you of each move:

  • Danna’s Football Run
  • Danna’s Modified Pushup
  • Danna’s Side Lunge
  • Robyn’s Mountain Climber
  • Robyn’s Squat & Jump
  • Robyn’s Floor Crawls


A Featured Child in Need with Each New Post

We spend a lot of time teaching women how to eat more healthfully by decreasing empty calories and increasing nutrient dense foods. In a country where food is abundant and it shows in our challenge to try to eat LESS – there are multitudes struggling with hunger and even starvation.

In light of the great need – we’ve partnered with Compassion International and will be featuring one specific needy child with each post. You can email us to find out how to sponsor that specific child  or you can click on this link below to choose one of your own.


FEATURED CHILD: Mei Airin Aritonang

Mei lies with her father, mother, and four siblings. She lives in a small community of about 500 residents. Most of the households earn the equivalent of about $103 per month doing work as day laborers, animal herders, or street vendors. Your sponsorship provide Mei with Bible teaching, health screenings, supplemental food, health education, classes, and much more. It is our prayer that Mei will be sponsored soon. Don’t assume that someone else will do it – sadly that is rarely the case. And if you already sponsor a child – you already know the blessings that come back to you when you give “a cup of water in Jesus’ name” because it is as if you are doing it for Him!

To sponsor Mei: Email us at:


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