Every minute, 19 people fall victim to identity theft.

Every second we can allow our spiritual identity to be looted.

Who are you? What words best describe your heart, your life, your passions?

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Your answer to these questions may matter more than you realize. The words we use to describe our roles, relationships, priorities and passions say a lot about our identity. If our identity is incorrect or vacillates between truth and lies – our emotions and actions will vacillate as well. An intentional life – one lived with purpose and joy – can only be fully experienced when we not only “know” but truly BELIEVE who we are in Christ.

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An AMAZING BOOK:   I was inspired to share this podcast on our identity in Christ with you as I was reviewing one of my favorite spiritual foundation books. It is a very easy read and important reminder of the truths we may know but not fully embrace for our own life and walk. Whether you are long time Christian, brand new believer, or even someone trying to understand what this “Jesus Stuff” is all about, I think you should read this book by Bob George and share it with others. The title sounds much “stiffer” than it is – it is full of some of the best illustrations and word pictures to describe our life and identity in Christ. It’s called: CLASSIC CHRISTIANITY. You can check it out here: Classic Christianity: Life’s Too Short to Miss the Real Thing

A powerful story:  Did you know that one of the most important people in my life once was known more for her “number” than her name. Why? And how did she rediscover her true identity.  You’ll need to listen – this story will NOT be in my show notes

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