Gluten alone is not the problem. Other grains may be stalling your weight loss and disrupting your digestion.  Grains have been consumed for many  years, but it wasn’t until the past 50+ years that we stopped using traditional methods to prepare them.  Today’s modern day grains are especially hard to absorb and digest. This short video will share how to prepare them to receive the greatest benefit.

Why Soak Grains?  Soaking helps to breakdown the antinutrients and hard-to-digest components of the grain and at the same time helps release highly beneficial nutrients.  Keep in mind that some people with sensitivities may see improvement with traditional preparation and some may still not be able to tolerate well.

Phytic acid is one antinutrient found in grains which binds important minerals preventing your body from fully absorbing them. Consumption of high levels of phytates:
• results in mineral deficiencies, leading to poor bone health and tooth decay
• blocks absorption of zinc, iron, phosphorous and magnesium
• causes body to leech calcium
• lowers metabolism
• contributes to anemia

How to soak your grains:  This method is simple and just takes a little planning so your grains are ready when you want to eat them. Here is what you will need:

A bowl, the grain, filtered water, an acidic medium (apple cider vinegar, plain yogurt, plain kefir, lemon juice) and a dishtowel or tea towel.

1. Add your oats (or other grain) to a bowl.

Optional: Since oats have a low level of the phytase enzyme, you can as an option also add a tablespoon of buckwheat or rye flour or grouts because they contain higher levels of phytase which helps to breakdown phytic acid.

2. Add  filtered water.  Generally the amount of water is usually about the same amount as the grain (i.e.: 1 cup oats, 1 cup water).  Make sure when you add the oats to a bowl that you add water until it is covering the grain.

3. Add your acidic medium. For each cup of oats add 2 tablespoons of your chosen acidic medium. Then stir.

4. Cover with a dishcloth or tea towel and leave at room temperature overnight (a minumum of 8 hours). For best results leave for 12-24 hours.

5.  Drain the water and rinse the oats. Then, cook and prepare on the stove by adding the oats to boiling water with a little salt. Cook until you have the consistency you like.  You will need less water than usual because the oats have absorbed lots of liquids used for soaking.  You will need less cooking time as well because the anti nutrients have been broken down.  Enjoy!