Do you crave salty, crunchy snacks, but think “I can’t have that,  it’s too fattening or unhealthy”?  On this episode of Ageless Woman Food Faves, we’re excited to share one of our favorite treats.  This is a special snack  because it’s delicious and  healthy (in moderation of course!) Be sure to watch the short video so you can understand why these are especially healthy. Oh…Calories DO Count! So, follow the other tips below as well for “safe snacking”.

Snack Tips:

#1:  Measure them out!  (1 Serving is approx. 14 chips and 130 calories)

#2:  Put your serving of chips into a small bowl or in a zip lock bag. Then, seal the original bag and put it away – fast!

#3:  Store the chip bag on a really high shelf or in the back of you cupboard where you can’t easily access it. (Out of site – out of mind).

#4:  Have some fiber  – like 1/2 an apple and/or some protein – like 2 slices of turkey with your chips to create a more balanced snack.

#5:  Wait until at least tomorrow to have another serving. The bag should last as many days as it is ounces. (Buy another bag for your family and put your initials with a marker on your bag).

Boulder Chips are available locally at most grocery stores or health food stores.  However,  they don’t always carry the coconut oil or avocado oil chips.  Here is a link where you can find some of the Boulder products along with some other options as well such as Jackson’s Honest Potato Chips.

Remember to choose options with 3 ingredients:  potatoes, salt and either avocado oil or coconut oil!


A Child in Need 

We spend a lot of time teaching women how to eat more healthfully by decreasing empty calories and increasing nutrient dense foods. In a country where food is abundant and it shows in our challenge to try to eat LESS – there are multitudes struggling with hunger and even starvation.

In light of the great need – we’ve partnered with Compassion International to helps support children in need. You can email us to find out how to sponsor that specific child  or you can click on this link below to choose one of your own.


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