The body struggle that most Christian women face is complex. On the one hand, she has a deep desire to be healthy and feel attractive. On the other, she often wrestles with saying “enough” because of the pleasure food brings in the moment. Her life is often too busy and finding time to exercise and cook healthfully is just one more challenge in her already challenging life. The journey to discover a “balanced contentment” of her body and gain victory over unhealthy habits is on her mind most days. She wants to bring glory to God and surrender everything to Him – but she is often asking herself – “Why is this just so hard?”If all or part of this description of “the struggle” resonates with you – we know this episode of the Ageless Woman Living Podcast will as well. We don’t pretend to have all the answers – but we know Who does – and He wants to walk with you through “The Struggle” every step of the way.  Listen to the podcast below!

Are You In Your Own Struggle? 

Consider Christ Centered Coaching through Scale Down Connection Membership

We explore the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical challenges holding you back from permanent victory over unhealthy lifestyle habits. The answer is so much more than the “right” nutrition and exercise program. It is a journey that for most women takes time and requires support and professional guidance.

Like you, Robyn and I have experienced our own challenging paths to wholeness and victory over our habits and relationship with food. We’ve learned how to seek the Lord in all things and to do the same when coaching others. It would be our honor and delight to support you on your journey.

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