Patti Milligan – Expert Global Nutritionist – gives us practical insights and tips! I asked her ten questions about everything from her favorite supplement companies and nutrition bars to how to  better understand the “healthy” sweetener options and more! Tune in and get ready for some nutrition tips you can use! Bonus: Learn what group of veggies can stave off hormone related cancers. All on this episode of The Makeover Mentor Podcast!
10 Questions:
Q1:  Is it safe and effective to take psyllium daily?   A: Yes!

Q2:  How does Stevia or Monk Fruit in the Raw impact blood sugar and/or insulin sensitivity? A:  You need to listen to this answer for complete understanding.  In a nutshell: Stevia is well studied and shows no negative blood sugar/insulin impact.

Q3:  What is your favorite fruit for maximum nutrition? A: Guava & Kiwi

Q4:  What is your favorite veggie for maximum nutrition? A: Bok Choy (Listen to learn what veggie group it falls into and why it can help stave off hormone related cancers.)

Q5: What are your favorite Nutrition Bars? A:  Kind Bars  – Lara Bars – ProBars – RX Bars

Q6: What are your top three supplement companies? A: Natural Factors – Nature’s Way – Doctor’s Best

Q7:  How much fish oil do you recommend daily for women? A: Listen up for complete answer!  I like Coromega Squeeze Packets!

Q8:  What is promotes optimal thyroid function? A: Low iodine may be the issue for many with hypothyroid issues.  Ideas for increasing iodine in her complete answer.

Q9: What about sprouted and sour dough breads for those who are trying to eat more healthfully?    A: Sourdough contains healthy microbes that help break down gluten. Her fave: Rye.

Q10:  What food(s) do you recommend that women almost never eat   A: Soda and artificial sweeteners!
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