Keep your cool this summer and enjoy our berry quick sugar-free sorbet. It is sweet and very satisfying.

Plus, check out some of the amazing nutritional benefits of berries in the list we’ve included. These are the ultimate “ageless woman” nutrient to keep you healthy and vibrant at any age. Add them frequently to your diet.

Choose any berry or combination of berries you like best – fresh or frozen. It only takes a few minutes to prepare and is a great way to enjoy these nutrient and fiber dense little packages of flavor. God was so creative in the amazing flavors He created for us to enjoy! This recipe is “approved” for our Eat Live Thrive Diet


  • Awesome Anti-Oxidants
  • Beautiful Brain Food
  • Blood Sugar Balanced Sweetness
  • Fabulous Fiber
  • Perhaps Prevent Parkinson’s Disease
  • Fantastically Filling
  • Cancer-Fighting Flavonoids



1 Cups of Berries ( Fresh or Frozen)
3 Ripe Bananas (preferably with a little brown – fresh or frozen)
1/4 Cup Full Fat Canned Coconut Milk

In a blender or bullet blend until smooth. Freeze until consistency you like for serving!
Makes: 4 (½ Cup servings) 125 calories 16 grams sugar , less than 3 grams fat, 3 grams fiber

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