Do you remember your grandmother using castor oil for just about everything?  Seemed kind of nutty at the time, but she was actually spot on for various health ailments.  Most people know it as as remedy for constipation,  but there are many other health benefits and some fantastic beauty uses as well. In this Ageless Woman Living short video,  Robyn and Danna share some terrific uses for this inexpensive oil.

Things To Remember When Using Castor Oil:

If using on your skin,  be sure to do a test spot on you arm.   Although rare, some people do have an allergy to castor oil. Also, too much is not a good thing! Only use about 1-3 drops of castor oil on your face otherwise it can clog your pores.

Use only a good quality organic castor oil.  Commercially grown castor seeds are heavily sprayed with pesticides and often use unhealthy solvents like hexane, and are chemically processed.

Caution: Castor oil can induce labor and therefore should not be used when pregnant unless approved by your physician.

We like this brand we found on Amazon:

Heritage Store Organic Castor Oil

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