We take the following supplements every single day. Vitamin D3/K2 has shown in multiple studies to greatly improve immunity from viruses and limit symptoms if you become ill.  Many women have dangerously low Vit D levels and most require supplementation to acquire optimal levels.

Vitamin D3/K2
(Immunity & Countless Body Functions)
Omega 3 Fish Oil
(Heart, Brain, Skin & More)
Quality Multi Vitamin
(Fill in your nutritional gaps each day)
Magnesium Oxide
(Bowel regularity, Calming/Relaxing)
Type 2 Collagen
(for joints, tendons, ligaments)

With all the research we do to help women stay high vitality in their “senior years”, we certainly take more than five supplements per day. Here are five more that we find very helpful for long-term health and wellness:

(Super Anti-Oxidant)
Quality Vitamin C
(Immunity, Healthy Skin, Anti-Cancer)
Adrenal Wellness 
(Stress Formula to Lower Cortisol & Gain Resilience)
Marine Collagen
(Healthier Skin, Nails, Hair
Nitric Oxide
(Excellent for Heart Health Protection)