What health issue worries you most as you age? Gaining weight? Breast cancer? Losing vitality? Degenerative spine? Those are all real concerns. However, “mature” women have another huge health risk that few think about or take preventative action to avoid the dangers. Watch this short video series and discover what that is and the first step to getting ahead of the risk.


I hope you’ll take the challenge I issued in my video! Here’s an Amazon Link to the monitor I use if you prefer shopping on line. (And, yes we do get a tiny bonus if you use that link!)

What’s a “normal” BP? Well, not mine in this second video! I’ll explain how to understand the numbers and what is considered a healthy or normal blood pressure.


In this video, I share the natural supplements that I am taking to keep my blood pressure in check. This is not intended as advice. Always be sure to consult with your personal physician.


If you cannot find these in your local store – here are some links.

HTN 180 PX

BP 120 Complex

Grape Seed Extract

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