Don’t waste wilting greens, leftover protein or other veggies. Instead, create a delicious and nutritious meal in minutes! What’s cooking? Call it what you will. Today – our quick lunch has a foundation in organic – free range eggs – and then we throw in the kitchen sink. More accurately – we actually threw in what was left in my veggie bin and leftover containers.

The result? A super satisfying high protein and fiber meal that we made in about 15 minutes.

We’ve included our recipe below, but get creative and never waste foods that seem to be destined for the trash bin as they go unremembered toward the back of your fridge.

Danna & Robyn’s: Whatever’s in the Fridge Scramble

6 Eggs
6-8 ounces leftover protein (chicken, steak, hamburger, etc.)
Leftover greens & veggies (spinach, kale, potatoes, carrots, sweet potato, zucchini, etc.)
Onions – caramelized with meat – 1/2 TB coconut oil to cook if needed
Herbs or Essential Oils (We used 2 drops Rosemary Oil in this recipe)

Other Options:

Cheese topping (1/2 ounce)