We are always sharing tips and ideas on how to boost your personal health and nutrition, but since we love our fur babies so much we figured you did also and wanted to share what we do with our own dogs to notch up their nutrition.
Remember the saying “waste not, want not”? Well, this is the epitome of good food stewardship! Dog food gets expensive and you’ve got to realize that even the best and healthiest brands are using scrap meat, poultry, etc. to make their canned dog food and or kibble. This recipe is super simple and very healthy to make dog food nutrition booster.
I (Danna) shared this recipe with my vet a few years ago and she said it was a brilliant idea.
Take the remaining carcass of a roasted chicken and any other bones you may have (like legs, etc.) and put it in an Instant Pot. Cover with filtered water and add 2 TB apple cider vinegar. Pressure cook for 3-4 hours. Keep on warm until you are ready to cool and store. (If you use a crock pot, it will take 24-36 hours on medium to high)
If you are using an organic or free range chicken and you want to save some of the broth for yourself, pour it thru a strainer into a container and refrigerate or freeze for later use. Otherwise you can use the broth, chicken meat, and bones just for dog food.
After cooking, the bones should crumble with very little pressure, so unless you have a very small dog or one that gulps food too fast, you don’t need to crush the bones too much. I roughly crush them with a big spoon or potato masher and then to get a good mix of meat, bone and broth, stir with a big spoon until the mixture is well blended. Spoon a bit of the meat/bone mash over you dogs kibble or canned food and mix it up to notch up his/her nutrition at each meal. Or, you can keep it really simple and just pour a little broth over their food also.

BONUS: If your dog ever feels sick or has no appetite, the broth by itself is very healing to the gut.