There are so many benefits from drinking tea.

We share a few plus our favorite tasty tea concoction. Drink up!

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Here are online links to the products we mentioned in case you cannot find them at your local market:

Monk Fruit in the Raw – A healthy non-caloric sweetener – good for on the go!

Liquid Monkfruit Extract  Great to sweeten and use in baking recipes too!

Calafia Toasted Coconut Almond Milk – A non-dairy and low calorie coffee or tea creamer that is actually good for you!

Rooibos Tea – Packed with anti-oxidant nutrients and touted to be helpful in disease prevention, weight loss, and more.

Smooth Move Tea – A gentle natural laxative tea for those times when you just cannot go. Great to take with you when you travel! Cause let’s be frank – that sometimes messes up the most regular of gals!

Ready for a Health & Weight Loss “Reboot”?

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