Don’t give up before you even begin or make excuses because of the “season”. Every little thing adds up – both positive and negative. Dump the “all or nothing” attitude that encourages you to overeat simply because you had one or two treats. Focus on Progress over Perfection and give yourself grace when you go off track. In the human mind, the most dominant thought wins. So, if you are constantly thinking about food…guess what will happen? If you want to transform your behavior, you must transform your thinking. Start by giving yourself new, healthy thoughts as you face each day’s temptations. Tell yourself, “I am quickly satisfied by small amounts of special treats or other indulgences.” Listen to our healthy self-talk CDs or write your own positive messages and read them to yourself. This will keep your mind focused on new thinking and behavior.

You won’t feel deprived and frustrated if you plan one or two indulgence days into each holiday week. That doesn’t mean that the entire day is off the charts over-indulging at every meal or snack. It does mean that you incorporate some of your favorite foods into special occasions and have an exact plan of what and how much you will eat.

Before and after an indulgence day, consider doing a 14-18 hour intermittent fast to help reset your appetite and metabolism. Giving your body a regular break from the hard work of digestion is one of the healthiest practices for great vitality and longevity.

Ideally, plan to be grain and sugar free on your non-indulgence days. However, you can have up to one tablespoon of organic honey or pure maple syrup – ideally in one of our tasty grain free “treat recipes”. We are confident they will keep you satisfied! By decreasing your calories and starchy carbs most days, you can “afford” to have 1-2 “planned indulgence days” each week in moderation.  Ideally try to eat 200-400 less calories per day and keep your total carb intake below 175 grams.

Exercise energizes you and of course burns calories. Try to get a longer workout before your most “dangerous” celebrations. It increases the release of your “feel good” hormones which helps you feel more motivated to exert self-control.

Have a specific plan for each special occasion. Decide beforehand what you will eat and what you will avoid. Keep your home and work stocked with healthy, satisfying foods and snacks. We have lots of grain free and low/no sugar recipes that will help you stay on track in our EAT LIVE THRIVE DIET book and on our website at: LeanHealthyAgeless.com Also, be sure to put special treats and food gifts out of sight until the times you have planned to both serve them and enjoy your pre-planned ration of your most favorite things.

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