Pump up your motivation and metabolism this holiday season!

It will help you reset after indulgences and reduce your chance of gaining weight. We have several suggestions to help you sail through the season and begin the New Year on track!  (Scroll to the very bottom for links mentioned in video.)

Join us Nov. 21, 2022 for our

Survive & Thrive Holiday Challenge

Our Survive & Thrive Holiday Challenge has been highly successful for our clients the past four years! Some have even lost 20+ pounds as they continued the plan into February. In fact, Sandi has followed our Eat Live Thrive Diet lifestyle for over 5 years and has never gained back any weight! See Sandi’s Video Here

Now, you can join us for a new & improved 6-week journey that will not only prevent holiday weight gain, but also promote weight loss as well if that is your goal. And most importantly, you’ll get 6-12 planned “indulgence days” for special events and holiday celebrations. Watch Full Video Details Here


  • Live Coaching 2 X Per Week  (all sessions recorded)
  • Strategy for boosting health and weight loss 5-6 days per week
  • Plan to schedule & enjoy moderate indulgence days 1-2 times per week during the holidays
  • 4 Weeks of menu plans
  • Holiday Recipes & food alternatives that keep you satisfied
  • Team Accountability with other women & coaches using our customized phone app
  • Support & teaching to revamp your underlying habits
  • Prayer support & perspectives
  • Christmas Devotional & Planner (Digital Download)
  • Surviving the Holidays Equipping and Inspirational Video

Register for  Survive & Thrive Holiday Challenge HERE


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