It was a joy and honor to be Jill Savage’s Guest on her NO MORE PERFECT PODCAST! We discussed ten things I wish I’d known (or better understood) earlier in my life.

Jill said that these 3 were her biggest takeaways. You can see my list of ten things below and listen to the full podcast HERE.

1) What if we loved more like dogs love? If you are a dog owner, you know there is nothing better than the love that dog has for you. They don’t hold a grudge if we haven’t been able to walk them and they are quick to forgive when you accidentally step on their tails. We can take a lesson from our canine friends when it comes to loving others. We should strive to love first and not be the scorekeeper in our relationships.

2) Spend more time learning about Heaven than your next vacation spot. If you love traveling like me, then you’ve probably done some research about the sights and best places to eat. But how often do we turn our curiosity and excitement toward Heaven? There are some things that we cannot know, but it is worth our time to ponder and prepare our hearts for our eternal home.

3) Celebrate your strengths and differences. Especially for women, there is pressure in culture to keep up with the latest fad and avoid any signs of aging. However, when we do this, we usually fall into the trap of a poor self-image. God looks at each one of us and sees our beauty, strengths, and uniqueness! So instead of comparing and finding our value from culture, we need to be going to God to inform us of who we truly are.

10 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was Younger

  1. Love others like your dog loves (grace)
  2. Celebrate dirty laundry and other mundane chores (thankfulness)
  3. Embrace each milestone birthday with the expectation of a child (hope)
  4. Spend more time learning about heaven than our next vacation destination (destiny)
  5. Dwell on who GOD says you are and block out the cultural chatter (identity)
  6. Take good care of your body for the sake of health rather than beauty (longevity)
  7. Spend more (and more) time with Jesus (priority)
  8. Learn to tune into the voice of God in your personal life (intentionality)
  9. Trust God’s timing and provision (patience)
  10. Use negative emotions & thoughts as a trigger to “reset your mind” and look up (Spirit led)

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