Notice the lovely “greasy shine” coming off my lips and under my eyes? What is that, you ask? It’s my number one fave beauty (and health) product of the year – ORGANIC CASTOR OIL!
One of the first things I do in the morning, after I pray for a few minutes in bed – and of course use the potty – is put castor oil under my eyes and around my mouth. It is AWESOME for softening the“crinkles” under my eyes that come with pushing my face into the pillow!
I leave it on until I wash my face and put on my make up. I can always see a difference. Over time, your wrinkles soften even more and it is great for healing, reducing scars, etc. It lasts for at least a YEAR for me!
Castor oil is also great to rub on new scars as it can greatly diminish the scar tissue. You can use warm castor oil compresses on areas that are inflamed to include over a cranky gall bladder, bladder, etc. Some people use it at night for dry eye.
DO be sure you buy organic! Here’s the one Robyn and I use: 

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