It just keeps getting better and better!  Oh, how I wish you were here so you could experience all that I am experiencing and see all that I’m seeing!

So, today I asked Jesus why he didn’t heal me and let me live longer. He put both his hands on my cheeks and looked deeply into my eyes and said, “My sweet girl, look at yourself. You are healed.”  Of course, he knew I was asking him why he let me die. (If you’ve read the Bible, you know he doesn’t always answer questions directly.)

He took me by one hand and we started to run through the most beautiful meadow. It was as if we were floating on top of the soft green grass, moving faster than I’ve ever moved in my life. He glanced over at me laughing and asked, “Have you ever felt more alive?”  I answered him, “No, Jesus! This is amazing.” Then, I stopped running, looked into his deep eyes and asked, “But why did I have to leave earth so early?”

“I brought you home early to spare you from more pain. I knew you were afraid of the interim surgery, and I also knew it wasn’t going to work,” he explained. He reminded me that to save my life by getting a new heart, someone else had to die. And then he said, “Madi, I already died for you, and I knew your life with a new, human heart would bring many challenges such as organ rejection, and a shortened lifespan. I knew you’d been limited physically long enough and so I brought you home so you could experience total and lasting healing.”

Now that I’ve been  so free and without physical limitations for what I guess is about a week in “Earth time”, I cannot imagine going back to surgeries, tubes, medications, and endless limitations. I never knew what physical freedom was completely until now.

Jesus said he’s still hearing lots of prayers for me and for your hurting hearts. He told me that really good things will happen in many people’s lives because they are afraid to die and don’t know for sure they are going to Heaven. But now they do because you made it so clear at my celebration of life ceremony. I was so happy you made sure everyone knew exactly where I am now. I just want everyone to know that trusting in Jesus is the only way we can be fully reunited one day. Please don’t stop telling everyone that we each need to make that decision and receive his forgiveness.

I’m thankful that God is allowing me to tell you how happy and peaceful I feel here. I’m not lonely because your love continues to pour into me like a constant flood that overwhelms me in the most comforting way. Jesus says your hearts will heal and that my life will have even greater purpose because your faith will grow and you will be more passionate about sharing his love and plan for us beyond this life.


I love you so much,



Note from Danna:
This “letter” from Madi is a prayerful, yet imaginative expression of what I truly believe is close to her experience in Heaven. In his book, Heaven, Randy Alcorn writes on page 69, “…it seems evident (from Revelation 6:9-11) that the inhabitants of Heaven can see what’s happening on Earth, at least to some extent.”

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