I wish I’d known about body brushing years ago. In a few short months, I’m realizing the many health and beauty benefits. I hope Robyn and I motivate you to add this simple and very inexpensive regime to your daily routine.

From brightening and tightening your skin, decreasing the appearance of cellulite, and enhancing energy – these are a few of the benefits you will see and feel within a few weeks of consistent brushing.

In addition, there are other “silent” benefits  – such as benefiting your cardiovascular system, digestion, and kidney function.

Watch our short video demonstration to better understand more of the benefits. Robyn Thomson will demonstrate the proper  method of dry body brushing.

You’ll be glad you did! We’ve included  a link to our favorite body brush – very inexpensive – as we know you will want to get started right away!

Skin Brush   Use for Dry Skin Brushing to activate the lymphatic system

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