This mineral is one of the most important for us because it is used in every cellular function of the body.  The problem is that 80% of  Ageless Woman are deficient in this nutrient!

Our Fave Magnesium for Constipation – Danna & Robyn both take this one daily for regularity!

Reasons for deficiency:

  • Diet – Too many processed foods, too much coffee, soda and other caffeinated drinks
  • Hormone imbalance, menopause and general aging
  • Stress
  • Illness and surgeries
  • Calcium supplementation – supplementation of calcium without magnesium will throw off balance and potentially deplete your magnesium levels.

Risks associated with low magnesium levels:

  • Cardio vascular disease, hypertension & hardening of the arteries
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Chronic fatigue
  • PMS
  • Sleep disorders & Anxiety
  • Constipation & Muscle Cramps
  • Osteoporosis

Best way to raise magnesium levels:

Even though there are certain foods that are high in magnesium such as almond, cashews, cocoa powder, halibut and a few more,  there is not significant amount to raise your levels if they are low.  Therefore,  the best way to get your magnesium to a healthy level is with supplementation.

But wait!  Not all magnesium is the same.  Some are more easily absorbed and others may not bring up your levels but are good for other health concerns.

  • Magnesium Oxide  – Relatively inexpensive but low on absorption so won’t have an impact on raising your levels and not really impactful for heart and brain health.  However,  really good for supporting healthy bowel movements as well as muscle cramps.
  • Magnesium Citrate – Better absorption and still has a stool loosening aspect.
  • Magnesium Glyconate – Known for its calming effect,  is touted for not having a laxative effect,  but that was not the case for me.  Should you try this,  test if out before taking too much so you don’t end up with loose stools.
  • Magnesium Orotate– Has good bioavailability and has been studied for heart health and known to help heart cells repair.  No laxative effect at all.
  • Magnesium-L-Threonate – recently studies to help improve memory & brain function
  • Trans Dermal Magnesium – Magnesium oil or cream used to raise magnesium levels quickly.  I found it to be inconvenient because of the drying time and needing to rinse it off.  I would not use long term.

It is really important to get your levels tested on a regular basis and consult with your physician on which form and dosage they recommend for your needs.


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