A Free Gift In Honor of Mother’s Day

Self-Talk For A Contented Life

If life’s challenges, frustration or disappointments have robbed you of joy and contentment…then this biblical healthy self-talk recording is just what you need to take your thoughts captive and renew your mind! This encouraging recording is based on Danna’s book, What Happened to My Life?. In it, she weaves Jesus’ words with practical biblical truths to help you “learn the secret of contentment” despite your circumstances. It is recorded in a first-person, prayer-like-fashion that will refresh and renew your perspective to address life’s challenges and walk by God’s Spirit rather than your feelings. (You are welcome to enjoy this free gift even if you are not a mom!)

Click the button below to download the audio file to your smartphone or computer.  If you need further instructions you can access more detailed instructions here.

Audio Download


  1. Self-Talk Intro
  2. I Set My Mind
  3. I Am Loved
  4. I Am Anxious for Nothing
  5. I Walk in His Spirit
  6. I Am Forgiven
  7. I Am Content