Wouldn’t you love to be asked that question?
You may be surprised to know,  the secret is not the latest, greatest skin care product. The foundation for ageless skin is good nutrition and there is one key nutrient that stimulates your brain, revitalizes your skin, slows down aging, improves fat metabolism, lubricates your joints, decreases inflammation and protects your heart.

The problem is that this nutrient is found in only a handful of foods that you rarely eat on a daily basis. If you don’t address this nutritional gap, your body and most importantly, your brain will be short-changed. The nutrient I am talking about is an essential fatty acid called omega-3. It is one of only two fats that are considered essential for life, the other being omega-6 – which we get way too much of and the disparity causes significant inflammation. Our body cannot produce these fats on its own and must have them to function properly. The best ratio is 1:3 (one omega-3 to three omega-6). Unfortunately, most people are closer to 1:20. The solution is to decrease omega 6 (vegetable oils) and increase omega 3.

I (Danna) began taking supplemental omegas about 20 years ago and they have made a big difference in how my skin has aged. At almost 71, I am often mistaken for a much younger woman . More importantly my ability to concentrate and recall information is still excellent.

Younger inside & out
Because brain cells are largely composed of fat, the right kind of fat in the diet is the most critical element in creating and maintaining brain health. The skin (your largest organ of your body) requires the exact same nutrients to stay young or even reverse the signs of aging. Omega-3 fatty acids are the single most important nutrient that feeds our brain and skin! With good omega 3 nutrition, both are healthy and well nourished. Each cell is plumped up like a ripe grape; smooth and firm instead of a shriveled up like a raisin. We can spend a fortune on creams and makeup, but nothing takes the place of skin care from the inside out! In addition to Omega-3, our brain also loves the medium chain triglycerides (MCT) found in coconut oil. You can take this as a solo supplement and many studies show improvement in brain function for people with brain deterioration such as in Alzheimer’s Disease.

Are you getting enough Omega-3 fat?
The best sources of omega 3 essential fatty acids are salmon, swordfish, tuna, shark, pecans, almonds, walnuts, soy nuts, flax seed and deep green vegetables like kale and turnip greens. So, let me ask you a question. How many of these foods do you eat everyday? We need the equivalent amount of omega 3 fats we find in a serving of salmon (about 3500 milligrams) every day. All the other sources (even fish) are at least one quarter the amount found in salmon specifically. Sadly, if we eat enough fish to get our supply our daily need for omega 3 fat, we’d be “glowing in the dark” from heavy metal contamination. Therefore, supplementation is essential. Since not all supplements are equal and omega 3 fats can spoil quickly. It’s essential to use only the highest quality product.

For years, we’ve been taking Coromega fish oil because of it’s quality. In fact, it is the product recommended by the well known brain expert, Dr. Daniel Amen. I’ve been taking double and triple doses for years and found an extra bonus – it greatly diminished my hot flashes!

In addition to getting these important fats, you daily diet plays a huge role in how you are aging. Eating lots of clean, nutrient dense foods and cutting out empty calories is equally important. We understand this can be challenging, but your body will reward you!  Please check out our new EAT LIVE THRIVE VIRTUAL PROGRAM highlighted below if you are ready to make some lasting lifestyle changes. You can turn back the clock on aging by making consistent changes to your diet and lifestyle!








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