40 Days to Healthy Living Challenge

A journey to change your habits from the inside out



NEW! Daily Worksheets

I’ve attached two worksheet PDF links below to help you take your “change journey” to another level. The first (40 Days Worksheet) helps you to reflect on the daily devotion and prayerfully consider if there are any lies you believe related to the topic. If you do – complete the worksheet. It also includes a few checklist items to keep you on track. You can print out as many as you like and use them periodically or everyday!

The second is related to the physical and lifestyle habits you are trying to change. It provides you a checklist to journal your daily progress.




Our first of two live coaching calls will be on Tuesday, June 6th at 4pm (Pacific Time). If you cannot make the call live, just email your questions to me at: Danna@DannaDemetre.com.  The call will be recorded so you can listen back if you miss it. I will send you a reminder the day before.  CALL: (712) 775-7031  MEETING ID: 657-307-263


Tip #1:  I suggest you use the attached June “Success Calendar” to make a note or check mark each day as you read your daily devotion and body tip, practice healthy self-talk, and add any other new behaviors to your lifestyle. Click this link to download a calendar: June-Success-Calendar

Tip #2: Make a commitment to practice  new Healthy Self-Talk every single day – for the rest of your life. Write at least two impactful statements or scripture on a sticky note or index card and tape it to your bathroom mirror or somewhere you’ll see it a few times each day. Read and memorize those statements.

Tip #3: Toothbrush & Rubber Band Reminder!

Put a rubber band around your toothbrush and it will remind you to practice your Healthy Self-Talk every time you brush your teeth! Just imagine how much progress you can make erasing your lies and replacing them with truth if you practice this EVERY TIME you BRUSH YOUR TEETH!

Tip #4: Use Healthy Self-Talk Recordings  to learn to “talk to yourself” in a more productive way.  We have 4 different Healthy Self-Talk recordings available on our website store in both CD and MP3 Formats. Link to CDs on our website is HERE

  • Healthy Self-Talk for Your Lifestyle is very specific to weight loss.
  • Change Your Habits by Renewing Your Mind is a companion to the “40-Days” book you are reading (originally titled: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life).
  • Self-Talk for a Contented Life was recorded for those of you needing to rediscover peace, passion, and joy in your life despite your circumstances.
  • Ageless Woman Jumpstart Diet Healthy Self-Talk
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Is WEIGHT LOSS Your #1 Change Desired?  Chapter 4 of your book covers some very basic nutrition and weight loss principles. But, if weight loss has been illusive for you, I highly recommend our Ageless Woman Jumpstart Diet! (See offer below). We have seen hundreds of women realize amazing results and truly learn some very specific things about the best eating plan for their specific needs as ageless women.

I’VE CHANGED MY MIND ABOUT: Calories In versus Calories Out
If you’ve read chapter four, you know that I say that the bottom line to weight loss is calories in versus calories out. In a healthy metabolism, this is true. And fortunately for me – even at 65 – this principle always works. HOWEVER, after years of weight loss coaching – especially women 45+ – I’ve learned that this principle only works for about 25% of women that struggle with weight issues. While calories DO count, so do CARBOHYDRATES – especially starches and sugar! Additionally, many (and most) women have some level of food sensitivity that they don’t even realize. That is why we created the Ageless Woman Diet and believe it addresses many of the reasons women over 45 don’t realize lasting weight loss.

May 26 Post:

Hey Ageless Chicks!

I’m jazzed that you’ve chosen to take up my 40-day challenge to pursue a healthier lifestyle over the next 40 days.

We’re going to keep things really simple and go through the book together (as noted below). I’ll post a question each day on our Ageless Woman Connection Facebook page and you can interact with me and each other there.

For those of you waiting for your books:

I’ve posted a few sections below so you can get started right away. (Please forgive any typos as I’m creating a PDF from my original manuscript way before we went to print and the publisher fine tuned it!)


Day 1:  Read the Intro, Chapter 1, Chapter 5 (page 121) & Day 1 Devotion (page 130-132)

Day 2: Read Chapter 2, Complete the evaluations in Chapter 5, & Day 2 Devotion (page 132)

Day 3: Read Chapter 3, Day 3 Devotion

Day 4: Read Chapter 4, Day 4 Devotion

Day 5: Day 5 Devotion

Day 6: Continue Daily Devotions


A HUGE part of your journey is to discover the lies you believe that are holding you back from consistently doing the things you want and need to do to become the healthiest and most vibrant “ageless” woman possible. It’s not about denying your age, but rather maximizing the quality of your life. Think about this: How can you live out the purpose for the rest (and most important) part of your life IF you’re not at your best health? Sure, there are things out of your control – but that only accounts for about 30% of your overall wellness. 70% is IN your control. It’s called your LIFESTYLE! So, let’s do this with passion, commitment, and ACTION!


Each day as you read the devotion, ask yourself if there are any lies you believe related to that day’s teaching. Pray about the scripture and ask God what He has for you specifically. You’ll see that each day also includes a little “Nourish Your Body” section on a variety of topics. Consider which of these topics are especially important to you right now. Obviously, you cannot implement them all. Just choose a few and go for it.


This 40 days is just the beginning of your journey.

You can go back through this process again and again. Many of the things I teach you in the first four chapters are principles and practices you’ll want and need to work on in the months and years ahead. We are ALL a work in progress and NONE of us fully “arrive” this side of Heaven!