Most women love chocolate! However, all chocolate is not created equal. Choosing a quality dark chocolate is essential. And, as always…MODERATION is the key! So what’s moderate? We suggest about one ounce per day is more than enough to realize some of these six amazing health benefits listed below? See our short video below for more interesting details abut the benefits of chocolate and how to choose wisely.

#1:  Powerful antioxidant protection
Cocoa is one of the richest sources of polyphenols in the world.

#2:  Improved athletic performance
Dark chocolate increases nitric oxide in the body, which dilates blood vessels and reduces oxygen consumption.

#3:  Reduced cognitive aging
In studies, dark chocolate seems to offer protection to the hippocampus – the brain’s memory center.

#4:  Better vascular function
Consuming dark chocolate improves the lining of your blood vessel function and can reduce blood pressure.

#5:  Healthier, better-looking skin
The flavanols in cocoa might protect against sun damage as well as increase blood flow to the skin. It seems to enhance hydration and improve skin texture.

#6:  Better metabolic health
In a placebo-controlled trial, 90 adults with mild cognitive impairment who were given moderate to high-flavanol cocoa supplements showed an improvement in insulin sensitivity – a marker of metabolic health as insulin resistance is the hallmark of type 2 diabetes.

What is a quality chocolate?

  • 75% or more cocoa
  • Less than 6 grams sugar per ounce
  • Free of emulsifiers*
  • Skip white or milk
  • Organic when possible

*Emulsifiers are used for creaminess, but can cause inflammation of the gastric lining and potential leaky gut. One exception are products that use organic, non-GMO lecithin. Read labels carefully!

Our 6 Fave Low Sugar Chocolate Recipes:

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Macaroons

Chocolate Bliss Squares

Peanut Butter Chocolate Melt-Aways

Chocolate Bellway Protein Shake

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CAUTION: For some women, even a small amount of sugar can trigger cravings and start a downward cycle. If you are one of those women, we suggest you use our recipes and delete the small amount of honey or maple syrup and bump up the Monk Fruit Concentrate we use.

We use these quality products in our recipes:


Quality Dark Chocolate Brands:

Equal Exchange Organic Panama Extra Dark Chocolate

Green & Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate 85%

Chocolove Extra Strong Dark Chocolate 77%


VIDEO: 6 Reasons to Eat More Chocolate

How often do you consume chocolate?  Let us know in the comments below!