Has your “Menopause Muffin Top” got you down?

Given up on losing weight because it seems impossible at your age?

Feel stuffed into your clothes and lacking energy?

Now you can experience lasting weight loss even if you’ve failed over and over in peri and post menopause. 

If you’re a mature woman, you know that the challenges and frustrations are real. So do we! We fully understand that the thought of trying to lose weight and get healthy can be overwhelming.

We also struggled…until we cracked the code

There as so many frustrating physical changes that come with aging, such as:

  • Expanding muffin top
  • Bloating and digestive discomfort after meals
  • Insatiable hunger some days
  • Out-of-control food cravings
  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Lack of motivation
  • Premature aging
  • High blood pressure, high blood sugar counts, and high cholesterol
  • And many more

But it doesn’t need to be this way. You don’t need to “just accept” these things as normal!

It’s true that most women gain weight in their mid-forties and beyond. Each year, they add 1,2, or even 5 pounds to the scale. They try counting calories, or highly restrictive diets that may work at first. But, the weight always comes back.

Just how many times will you try and fail before you just give up?

Maybe you’re just tired of trying. Don’t feel bad – you are not alone, and it’s not your fault. The reason for your frustrated efforts is not a lack of willpower or lack of trying.

The reason why you can’t seem to get the weight off and keep it off is really quite simple. (Much simpler than you can even imagine.) What held you back is you’ve been “trying too hard” using the wrong methods.

You don’t need to take Ozempic or other similar drugs that can compromise your health. You don’t need to follow an extreme ketogenic diet. Those are NOT sustainable LIFESTYLE (aka lasting) solutions!

All you really need is the right mentors who understand the complex woman you are – a woman of faith – who wants to honor God and experience her best health and vitality.

Thankfully, with lots of research and experimentation, we’ve cracked the code on losing weight in pre-menopause and beyond. Our simple, yet highly effective lifestyle diet has allowed us both to stay strong and slim for the past 10+ years.

We’ve coached thousands of mature women just like you to realize the same benefits using our enjoyable and easily sustainable lifestyle approach. But…we go far beyond just addressing your physical dimension.

Keep reading and learn how we invite God into our struggles and help women also realize victory over many strongholds related to food and their bodies.


Based on our best-selling book, EAT LIVE THRIVE DIET, we’ve created a 30-Day program that has helped countless mature women lose weight and keep it off by addressing not only our physical dimension, but our mind and spirit as well. We’ve found that our live Zoom coaching and supportive community of like-minded Christian women makes a huge difference in helping our members realize victory over unhealthy habits in a God-honoring way.

Whether you want to shed 5 or 50 pounds or more… now is a great time to reboot your health and your metabolism and renew your spirit so you can live out your God-given purpose. If not now…when?


Simple 30-Day Jumpstart Diet
Delicious 4-Week Meal Plan
Live Zoom Coaching 2 X Per Week
Bible Based Coaching & Resources
Team Accountability on Phone App
Private Facebook Group
Weekly Email Tips & Encouragement
Healthy Self-Talk CD or MP3
30-Day Supply of Lovidia Natural Hunger Control
Eat Live Thrive Diet Book*
Money Back Guarantee**

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*Our Money Back Guarantee:
Weigh yourself before you begin the challenge. If you honestly participate with at least 70% compliance and don’t lose weight, we’ll send you back the cost of the program not questions asked (not including the book and shipping fee). 

2024 can be your year for lasting transformation. We know this because we’ve helped thousands of mature women realize lasting success. And now it’s YOUR TURN!

Sandi Thys took one of our challenges. She’d been struggling for years and had almost given up. After looking for a Christ-centered program, she found us and lost about 15 pounds during her first challenge. She joined the Eat Live Thrive Academy and lost another 15-20 pounds and has kept if off for over 5 years! That is the true test of a lifestyle program that works!

Mary Cay began her journey 5 years ago with the 30-Day Slim-Down. Here is what she has to say about her experience: “Walking this journey with Danna and Robyn and the group has made a tremendous difference to my success. Eat, Live, Thrive is so much more than a “program”; it is a way of life free from bondage to food. I feel like I am gaining control of myself from the inside out. I am connecting my body, mind, and spirit, participating in the live coaching, and connecting to other women so that I am not just existing, but THRIVING! I’m a work in progress and each day I break free of the chains that have bound me for so long.” – Mary Cay


The Slim Down Jumpstart includes two live Zoom coaching sessions per week (a total of 8) and are recorded and posted so you can view at your leisure if you cannot attend live. You can submit questions via email if you wish and we will answer them during live coaching.

We provide additional community support and accountability with our Facebook private group as well as a phone app that allows you to interact with like-minded team members where you can post and log daily in 3 key areas of your program (Diet – Mindset – Exercise).

As veteran health coaches, we are passionate about teaching “mature” women how to lose weight and improve their health in a God-honoring and sustainable way. Our job is to educate, equip, and coach you to success so you can join the ranks of other victorious women who are looking and feeling their best into their 50’s, 60’s, and even 70’s (like Danna)!


Starting At $59

Why This Program Works for Mature Women

Asking God into Your Weight Loss Struggle

Christian Coaches Committed to Prayer & Scriptural Teaching

The 30-Day Slim Down Jumpstart program was designed by two Christian veteran health coaches with decades of experience helping women just like you regain their energy, balance hormones, and live a life full of joy. We understand that every woman is different and that’s why our program is tailored to help you achieve the results that matter most to you.

We have been through the same struggles that you may be facing. Danna has battled extreme emotional eating issues and bulimia while Robyn had to find a way to manage an unsatiable hunger of unknown cause. Both of us understand and have experienced the challenges associated with perimenopausal weight gain, which is why we wrote the Eat Live Thrive Diet book and created the Slim Down Jumpstart interactive program. We love helping women like us who are dealing with these issues find freedom and victory once and for all.

Does God care about our lifestyles – how we eat – exercise – sleep – deal with stress? He does. And we believe He wants to be asked into our health and weight loss journey. So, that is what we do as your coaches. We bathe you and our program in prayer and provide spiritual encouragement and teaching related to pursuing lasting change in this area of your life.

From learning to be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12: 2), to taking our thoughts captive, and overcoming bondage or addiction to food, we equip women using God’s powerful precepts. His word and His wisdom never fails.  However it’s our job to apply it to our lives.

We have learned in our own journeys that God cares just as much about how we go on our journey toward greater health as he does reaching our goals. Unfortunately, this side of heaven we will all have a daily battle of the flesh. Too often immediate gratification wins out over long term health and God’s glorification. Even the most spiritually mature women, struggle in this area. Together, in a God-centered community we can have lasting breakthroughs and victory! We counted a joy and privilege to coach you on this journey.

We cannot do what only God can do, and he will not do what we can.
~Oswald Chambers

Hundreds of mature women have begun their Eat Live Thrive Diet journey with one of our quarterly challenges and never looked back. Below are several before and after pictures and testimonials from women whose lives have been changed! 

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Starting At $59

I am blown away-amazed at the time and effort our coaches – Danna & Robyn put into completely personalizing this plan with encouragement and support every step of the way. They keep us on our toes with suggestions, guidance, new recipes, ideas, as well as care and concern for non-diet issues. I know of no other plan that has this bonus – the personal interaction – not once but twice a week – plus a prayer time to boot. Just saying thanks does not seem enough…but anyway…Thank you, ladies! You Rock! – Silvia

I just want to let y’all know how much the 30-Day Challenge has helped me GET BACK ON TRACK & STAY ON TRACK with my weight, workouts & healthy self-talk.  I love the phone app because it keeps me accountable (which is EXACTLY what I need)!  Danna & Robyn were ALWAYS there with coaching every step of the way. I’m excited to be transitioning to the ELT Academy for continued success. – Gaye

Sandi lost over 35 pounds and kept them off for over 5 years.  “I found the phone app fun and engaging. It definitely kept me more engaged in my daily lifestyle choices. It’s a very effective nudge of accountability.” – Sandi 

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Starting At $59