Face2Face Coaching & Support is Awesome!

Hello Ageless Academy Members!

We did our first pilot session of video coaching using ZOOM this morning and it was so much fun. The participants loved it and we covered lots of ground on the following subjects. You can watch the entire session her below or on our private member FB page. We’ve also listed the 10 Lifestyle Habits that have served Robyn and me well over the past years to stay lean and healthy.

Danna & Robyn’s Top 10 Lifestyle Habits

  1. Exercise

Danna: 10K steps – Aerobic Activity most days – Strength 5-6 days/week
Robyn:  Strength 3-5x/week w/ Aerobic Components

  1. Short-term Fasting – Minimum 12/12 or 12/14 Eating/Fasting Schedule

Robyn:  14-24 hours several days per week
Danna:  14-16 hours 2-3 days per week

  1. Reality Weight/Size Check

Danna:  Scale 4-5x per week with a “3 pound range”
Robyn:   The “Tight Jeans Check” or Scale during Elimination & Discovery

  1. Fun Food / Snack Boundaries – 80/20 or 90/10 “Rule” most days

Danna: Popcornopolis, Portion Control, Healthy AWD Recipes like Sun Cookies, Nuts (All in Moderation)
Robyn: Plantain chips , Avocado oil or CCOil Potato chips, 85% dark chocolate  (All in Moderation)

  1. Healthy Self-Talk

         Danna: This was a game changer for me to come out of emotional eating

  1. Calorie/Carb Counting for Danna: “By the Numbers” in Lifestyle Phase
  2. Portion Control for Robyn: “Keep It Simple” in Lifestyle Phase
  3. Consistent Water Intake (64-96 ounces = 4-6 ounces per waking hour)
  4. Lovidia Hunger Control

Robyn: 2X Day
Danna:  Occasionally – especially for 16 hour fasts

  1. Lower or Grain Free

Robyn: 95%
Danna:  85% Gluten Free – Reduced overall grains by about 70% past year