3 Launch Team Bonuses

When you pre-order final version of Eat Live Thrive Diet book

 3 Bonuses for Launch Team Members

Step 1 to Redeem Your Bonuses:
Purchase our book from your favorite online retailer

Step 2 to Redeem Your Bonuses:
Once you have your book receipt or order number, CLICK HERE and enter your info to request and/or access these bonus gifts.

BONUS #1  

Anyone who pre-orders our book from their favorite online retailer, qualifies to receive MP3 downloads of our entire Healthy Self-Talk Series designed to help you transform your thinking and ultimately your habits from the inside out.

1. Eat Live Thrive Diet Self-Talk   Designed to guide you through the three phases of the Eat Live Thrive Diet.

2. Change Your Habits by Renewing Your Mind! This self-talk CD incorporates many of the scriptures and is recorded in a first-person, prayer-like fashion.

3.  Healthy Self-Talk for Your Lifestyle   Tracks on this recording include: Renewed Mind, Transformed Body • Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies • Fit Minds, Fit Bodies • Living in Balance.


A 60-Day Free Free Trial Membership to Eat Live Thrive Academy

Includes:  Private website packed with resources & training, private Facebook support group,
weekly live coaching, member discounts on all our products, and more!



6-Day Free Trial of Lovidia Hunger Control Formula

Curbs hunger naturally * No Stimulants * Tells your brain you are satiated * Helps with cravings

You will receive 6 of the Original Lovidia and 6 of the Extended Release (XR) version. We both take this product and it has been an answer to prayer for Robyn who has struggled with insatiable hunger for 8 years despite many experts attempts to find a cause.  LEARN MORE ABOUT LOVIDIA