Ageless Woman Favorite Sugar Substitutes

Plus 3 Sugar & Grain-free Recipes

We love our Sweets!

That being said,  we don’t like what sugar does to us,  weight gain, increased cravings,  feeling sluggish and lowering our immune system.  So over the years we have found some really great alternatives to sugar.

Some of our recipes do include organic raw unfiltered honey which is a natural form of sugar,  however we use it in very small amounts and their are so many good healthy benefits to it, we find it to be a great alternative when used in moderation.  Most of the time we limit our honey intake to a maximum of 1 Tablespoon per day and that is usually found in a recipe that has protein and fiber as well.

Our Favorite Non Nutritive Sweetners:

Monk Fruit In The Raw

We like these little packets to carry in your purse for coffee and tea.  Also,  our Snicker Doodle Muffin recipe uses this sugar substitute for a delicious cinnamon/sugar sprinkle alternative.  See recipe below

Nu Naturals Lo Han Supreme

Love this for baking.  Add a dropper full to recipes that aren’t quite sweet enough and it makes all the difference.

Sweet leaf Stevia – Powder or Liquid Drops

This is another great sweeter for coffee or tea.  



This sugar alternative is a combination of Stevia, Monkfruit & Trehalose all of which don’t spike the blood sugar and have antioxidant properties.   Use it is hot or cold beverages, recipes etc.

Our 3 Sugar & Grainfree Recipes:

Snicker Doodle Muffins