We are living in unprecedented times. The entire world is fearful of the Corona Virus and its power to take lives. Only God knows how far and wide it will spread over the weeks and months ahead. And only God has complete power to intervene as people of faith pray. We are called to live in faith NOT fear. We are called to share the HOPE that is within us. God desires that NONE should perish without saving faith in HIM. While we all know that we will die one day, there is something about such an ominous threat that moves us to a heightened sense of our own mortality. On March 19th, 129 women of faith across the U.S. and world united in prayer and praise. Several Christian speakers and leaders shared words of encouragement.

We’ve included their names and websites below:

Mary James – Speaker & Recording Artist https://www.MaryJamesMinistries.org

Diane Lowery https://www.DianeLowery.com

Pam Farrel – Speaker & Best-selling Author https://www.Love-Wise.com    FREE RESOURCES: https://www.love-wise.com/keep-hope-alive/

Jill Savage – Author & Speaker https://www.JillSavage.com

Cathy Horning – Author & Speaker https://www.CathyHorning.com

Gail Bones https://www.GailBones.com

Emma Kelln https://www.GardenWithinMinistries.com

Danna Demetre & Robyn Thomson Speakers, Authors, Health Coaches  https://www.LeanHealthyAgeless.com